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Independent Republic since 1999

Legitimized by State of the European Union


First person conversation.

Question.- Good morning. I think the first question is mandatory. The proclamation of this Independent Republic, is it a joke, a sociological experiment or what exactly?

Answer.- Good morning; You can take it as you wish, but it is based on International Law and it is absolutely real, legal and operational.


Q.- Can you confirm that REML is a legally constituted State in accordance with International law?

A. - It is unquestionable. The Legal Reports conclude that there is no doubt that this is a perfectly legal State in accordance with International Law. You can contrast it with experts; REML is a State with full rights.

Q. - Can you prove it?

A. - Without a doubt. The Legislation is very clear about it. In its proclamation, REML legitimately fulfills each of the requirements of Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention that establishes the definition of State:

 Article 1. The State as a person of International Law must meet the following requirements:

I. - Permanent population.

II. - Determined territory.

III. - Government.

IV. - Ability to enter into relations with other States.

Under these guidelines, any entity that meets these criteria can be considered as a sovereign state under international law, whether or not it has been recognized by other States.

I- Permanent population: It is obvious. The REML population is always present and never absents from its Republic. It is more likely that any other State will be uninhabited before REML.

II- Determined territory: Perfectly defined in the proclamation of Independence.

III- Government: With permanent plenipotentiary powers.

IV- Ability to enter into relations with other States: Accredited with the documentation addressed and presented to the Ministry of a Member State of the European Union and its official response.

We can conclude that REML fulfills all the requirements of the Montevideo Convention.


Q. - The Official Documentation that you present is true?

A. - If you do not believe it, you can verify it in the General Property Registry of the Ministry. Its files are public.


Q.- REML has been recognized by a Member State of the EU. Has it been decisive for the establishment of this Republic?

A. - In fact, no. Article 3 of the Montevideo Convention already defines that the political existence of a State is independent of its recognition by other States.
REML was already independent before that. By deference, we communicated to our native country the Soberanist process and its Ministry responded kindly confirming REML rights and accepting its legal validity. But that's just an internal procedure of theirs, not ours. They could also have notified that they do not recognize anything, that doesn't affect us. It is just a formal communication of courtesy between Nations. However,  we appreciate their attention and kindness in responding to our Declaration of Independence and recognizing our Republic, and maintain excellent diplomatic relations.
In fact, Article 1 of both Constitutions is identical and we have included it by bilateral harmony.

Q. - Does this recognition set precedent or jurisprudence?

A. - Actually it is indifferent, as mentioned in Article 3 of the Montevideo Convention. Moreover, if they would now decide to cancel these rights, it would not be possible under Article 6 that determines that the recognition of a State is irrevocable.
Although with their answer confirming the legal validity, the recognition is ratified de iure.
REML scrupulously abides by the Montevideo Convention.

Q.- Is this self-proclamation a model of Independence freely available?

A.- For each individual, yes. The Founding Document of the proclamation of the Independent Republic, back in 1999, already authorizes the use of the same name of anyone who wants to proclaim his/ her own Independence.

For commercial purposes, no. A few years later, a commercial furniture firm (N.E. Ikea) launched a campaign plagiarizing the concept. They had to withdraw the campaign for violation of REML rights.

Q. - Why the name of MENDA LERENDA?

A. - Simply because that denomination empowers to define as REML any person who wants to benefit from it.

(N.E. Menda Lerenda: Latin expression to refer to oneself)

Q.- The Identification does not include the name of the holder, neither picture.

A.- Right; only a numeration coinciding with the Certificate that guarantees its authenticity.

It was approved this way because it allows reproducing each Identification REML identical to the original legitimated. With all its attributes.

It introduces the possibility to include the signature to customize, if desired.

But it does not stop being a universal document valid for all and particularized for each one.

Q.- But the Identification has a cost ...

A.- Issuing the Identification and its Certificate entails some expenses, plus the processing and shipping fees. It will not be this Republic that modifies historical facts.


Q.- What historical facts?

A. - No independence was ever free.

Q.- Do you consider that cost adequate?

A.- Do not forget that you can always transfer your ID and recover its revalued cost.


Q. - Why have you decided to maintain your nationality?

A. - Maintaining the Nationality of our old country is nothing more than to speed up bureaucracy. We avoid having to issue passports, driving licenses, validation of Titles and a long etcetera. For the same reason, no currency is issued either, and any currency and other alternative forms of commercial transfers with neighboring countries are accepted. This is just to simplify. All documentation of the original country of each Sovereign is valid and operative. We continue to use the banking entities of the neighboring countries, their ATMs... Simplicity, that's it. All the bureaucracy is reduced to processing the Identification and its Certificate.

Q. - Then Identification is not enough as the only document.

A.- The Administration of each country may require the documentation it considers for its procedures.

No credential, be it Identification, passport or any other is an absolute universal safe-conduct. REML delivers Identification and its associated certificate. Its use is competence and responsibility of the user. As all belonging to each one.

Q.- Do you have a REML anthem?

A. - It is an interesting question. In fact, we are going to propose it at the next Plenary Session to vote on it, which, as you know, ALWAYS has a 100% absolute consensus, the highest of all the world states. There has never been any demonstration against any proposal approved or rejected.

Q.- If each REML is formed by a single person, don't you think it superfluous to mention that the decisions have a 100% consensus?

A.- It never hurts to mention it. History tells us that not always the most appropriate persons are those who make decisions in foreign affairs of a State. It is important to remind them that they are dealing with a real, full and sovereign State of Democracy 100%. And to emphasize that, this Independent Republic is the only State where all its citizens are equal before the Law.

Q.- Can REML be considered the smallest State in the World? After all, its territory is only the surface on which sovereign has contact.

A.- Well; that is relative. In fact, as much as I walk miles, days or years, I am always within my country. However far I move, I never leave my own territory. And that does not happen in any other State no matter how big it is.

Q. - It is therefore a very extensive, unattainable latifundium ...

A. - It is not accurate, either. In fact REML only owns the surface on which it has contact, not another. If an adjoining Nation does not like the territory I am on, there is no problem, I move. If you do not like it again, I'll move again. But somewhere I will have to be like each one of the millions of inhabitants of each country. The territory occupied by each REML Sovereign is Independent and owned by its Republic. From there outside, it is abroad.

Q.- Then, if it is one's property, each one can negotiate with it, sell it, transfer it, rent it. Is not that requisitioning territory to another country?

A.- Not really. Nothing is requisitioned. I take ownership of the contact surface. If I am absent from that territory, it is no longer REML. If I want to sell the surface that I have under my feet, I must move to another place. And that old territory is no longer REML, the Republic is the territory that I now occupy. I cannot negotiate with any territory. I always take one. Even if I am myself suspended in a balloon, without occupying any surface, either. By not having contact under my feet, there is no REML surface, there is no REML territory. Only the rope that holds me to the balloon is the REML, with which I have contact.

Q.- Then I suppose that a REML Sovereign cannot dispose of his own land.

A. - Remember that you retain your dual nationality and with it you can acquire what you want, as everywhere. Also, you should not forget that each Independent Republic has its own Constitution, which can be modified at any time, so there is absolutely freedom of options.

Q.- Will territorial disputes arise if Independent Republics are proclaimed everywhere?

A. - In fact, if every inhabitant of a country were a REML occupying millions of spaces would not change anything in the territory itself, everything will be the same as now, each occupying its own space. Not other.


Q.- But if REML is inside another country, is not that an invasion?

A. - There is no conflict. International Law endorses it and no other national sovereignty is violated.

It is established that the mobile portion of the national territory of each country still belongs to that Nation.

That is to say; A ship in foreign territorial waters or an aircraft over airspace or over foreign land remains the national territory of the country of its flag.

Same as an Embassy. Legally, International Law protects REML to maintain its sovereignty within any Nation.


Q.- Then, each REML is like a ship that sails with a "flag of convenience"...
[(NR) These are the names that correspond to the registration of a ship in a sovereign State other than the owner's original nationality. The legislation establishes that the laws applicable to those ships are those of those countries in which they are registered, not in those where they operate or sail.]

A. - Exactly. Your simile is very successful.
The "flag of convenience" is internationally accepted, legal, and in use in all the fleets of the world. It navigates with norms and sovereignty of the own country and respects the international laws.
There is a REML fleet spreaded everywhere that operates under its own flag.


Q.- Why do you have a diplomatic status in foreign countries?

A.- As a general rule, a Nation borders on several countries. In the case of REML, all borders are limited to a single foreign country, unless you have each foot in a different nation, which you then limit with two.
Just as an Embassy in a foreign Nation is surrounded by the same country. The legal form is the same. This is what the Vienna Convention on International Relations contemplates and expresses it clearly. Specifically in Articles 22 - 29 - 30 - 31 and 39. That is, REML is always located identically to an Embassy within a foreign country.

Q.- The blue flag with a shackle is the official flag for all the Independent Republics?

A.- The blue flag with shackle is the original REML and is freely available to all. Then, you know that each REML is sovereign of its own Constitution. You can choose to continue with that flag, or introduce your own one.

Q. - Do you consider that REML is able to consolidate as an Independent Republic?

A. - We will see. For the moment we have been an independent republic for 20 years without finding valid arguments that refute its legitimacy.

Currently in the World there are countries with less history. Even more; No one harasses, harms or disrupts their existence.

Everything continues as before. Less for each sovereign who becomes independent of his/her vassalage without bothering his/her neighbor.

Q.- Well, it seems that someone bothers. The wikipedia entry is censored and you can only view the mini-text that appears in Google...

A.- Yes, it is the only censored Microstate. There must be a reason. You know of the ancestral desire for dominion to the human being.

And somone may be worried that REML is spread and vanish their power over others.

Q. - And finally, what leads to authorize that anyone can use the same REML name?

A.- Easy. As each Sovereign by virtue of its own Constitution can adopt the name it considers, authorized or not, we avoid conflicts and foster cordial relations between neighboring countries.


Well, I have nothing left but to thank you for your time and explanations.


Thank you for your attention. I hope I have clarified the legitimacy of REML.


Actually I was predisposed to meet with a buffoon, sorry. But I discover a serious structure with a solid and well-argued base.
It is a really unusual proposal, but it seems that it is irrefutably based on law.
The truth is that I am a little disconcerted. I have to assimilate it.


Well, if you have any questions, I encourage you to contrast with experts in International Law. Here are the proofs that support the legitimacy of REML.

There is no legal impediment to veto that this Republic is a sovereign State with full rights in which all can converge.

Thank you.




REML has been recognized by a Member State of the EU. Has it been decisive for the establishment of this Republic?

Article 3 of the Montevideo Convention already defines that the political existence of a State is independent of its recognition by other States.




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