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Independent Republic since 1999

Legitimized by State of the European Union


Investment for the Future

Identification is a unique work of Literary Art for collectors.

Based on International Law, and reasoned as a State of full right to each person as an Independent Republic in itself.

It is processed in accordance with current legislation and endorsed with a response from the Ministry, legitimized by law.


Registered with Copyrigth and edited in plastic credit card format. Each copy is numbered and certified. 

REML has in its Archives the numbering of each Identification issued with its secret key-phrase to verify the authenticity.

To confirm if a Work is original, you can check its number and key-phrase in:

"Each copy of Identification is an investment with increasing value. It can be transferred with current rate and make it profitable

REVALORIZATION. Value progress of the Work Identification.

Your original Identificacion is registered and protected by Copyright.

It is unique A numbered and certified Work with exclusive secret key-phrase that authenticates it and prevents plagiarism.

Your Certificate accredits it.

Free Identification
It is issued for associations, exhibitions, museums and related groups.

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