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Independent Republic since 1999

Legitimized by State of the European Union


Declaration of Independence and articles of its Constitution.



By accepting the Intellectual Property and Individual Freedom Rights contemplated by the law, by this document I self-proclaim INDEPENDENT and establish the REPUBLIC OF ERRANT MENDA LERENDA, recognizing as a national territory the surface on which I have contact, my inviolable borders are those of my physical contour, being the psychics of greater reach and extension, not recognizing foreign authorities or laws other than those based on honesty, common sense and constructive collaboration.




Once informed the world community, The Errant Republic of Menda Lerenda, in use of its Sovereignty, establishes its Constitution in the following Articles approved in Government Plenary by 100% of votes in favor:



1 / Sovereignty resides in the people.

2 / The REPUBLIC OF ERRANT MENDA LERENDA (R.E.M.L.) authorizes the use of the same name to any person who wants to become independent.

3 / R.E.M.L. guarantees its non-intervention in government or laws of foreign countries. It requires reciprocally that none of them interfere with R.E.M.L.'s.

4 / The Republic of Errant Menda Lerenda is always surrounded by a neighboring country. In practice R.E.M.L. is equivalent to an Embassy implanted in a foreign Nation. It is protected by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and by the International Laws that guarantee them in the country where it is located.

5 / R.E.M.L. issues accepted and recognized Identification to any person who wants to self-proclaim his/her own Independence. It welcomes its holder as a Sovereign of his/her Independent Republic, with Ambassador status and it is embraced by International Diplomatic Law.

6 / The Sovereign of the Republic of Errant Menda Lerenda has dual citizenship: as Sovereign of R.E.M.L and that of his/her country of birth. It is approved to retain the original nationality in order to simplify bureaucracy in proceedings with countries beyond its borders. Documents such as passports, driving licenses and others that may be useful are respected.

7 / R.E.M.L. refrains from coining his own coin. Any currency is accepted as legal money, as well as barter and other alternative forms of commercial trades. For this reason and for not fulfilling the I.M.F. with the Founding Document, this Republic rejects its integration to the International Monetary Fund. The integration to other International Organizations such as United Nations (U.N.), World Health Organization, and other World Organizations, will be studied once they present their request and in strict order in which they request it.

8 / Discarded both currency and own banking entities, R.E.M.L. develops its economy through the networks of neighboring foreign financial systems. In international transactions with the neighboring country, the corresponding legal agreements will be completed.

9 / R.E.M.L. has as a distinctive: On a blue background, which represents the infinity of the celestial vault, a schackle with golden contrete and outlined black positioned horizontally, centered and in measures 1/2 of the length of the bottom. The shackle symbolizes strength and endurance; at the same time, independence and freedom from its chain. Its color is gold in allegory to the value of Liberty.
It represents the individual and free Unity able to join with other shackle in a collective, solid and constructive way.

10 / International Relations with other States, their Organisms and their inhabitants shall be established equally and reciprocally.

11 / Each Sovereign may submit via referendum his/her integration within a R.E.M.L. Confederation, so that the same principles, efforts and progress are joined with other Independent States.

12 / This Errant Republic, in permanent physical mobility and without fixed situation coordinates, establishes for its location the World Wide Web as a universal contact location: 


13 / Being a State with REAL Democracy, every citizen of R.E.M.L. can exercise his/her right to submit amendments to its Constitution by adding, modifying or canceling the previous Articles. Each consultation will be submitted to a vote and approved unanimously by its Government Plenary.

                                                             R.E.M.L. OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION

R.E.M.L. has presented Identification with Declaration of Independence to the State of its country of origin. In response, the Ministry has issued a numbered, signed and stamped Official Certificate in which confirms its legal validity and recognizes its rights. These documents are deposited in the National Archive of this Republic. They are of public consultation in the General Registry of Property where they were ratified.


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